Why English?
Why Online English?
English is simply a global and unstoppable force in today's world and not to be part of the English speaking world is a disadvantage which no one should have to experience. Sadly, it's not easy finding a good tutor with the skills, professionalism and enjoyment of speaking about language which you need to help you go forward with your English, whether in grammar, pronunciation, or richness of vocabulary.
Whether communicating on the telephone in your office, engaging with business clients, performing simple practical tasks like doing the shopping, for informing yourself by reading newspapers, navigating through the internet (the majority of which is in English) or for simply relaxing and learning to enjoy the rich literary and poetic developments in English, why not find a tutor who can guide you and help you achieve the progress which you desire?

If you have internet access, why not brush up your English by simply talking to me on Skype or Google-Talk? Both Skype and Google-Talk are easy and free to use and install, and with them I can improve your mistakes, expand your vocabulary and explain grammatical rules. To improve your written work I encourage you to email work to me which I can read and discuss with you in the lesson (on Skype or Google-Talk).
Learning in perfect comfort has never been easier!!!! Learning in the comfort of your living room has many advantages:
It is more convenient and the familiarity of your own environment produces a relaxation and calmness which can only be conducive to good learning;
You don't travel which of course saves you time and money and of course if I do not travel I can give you, the student, more time and attention. My lessons are usually 60min long but we can agree on more time if needed;
I reply to your emails and questions with utmost speed and the personal touch I can offer is simply impossible to find in today's impersonal world. You don't communicate with strangers who know you only as a file, but with me who tries to get to know you as an individual;
I can give you total flexibility - I tutor mornings, evenings, nights and weekends to make sure people eager to develop and improve themselves can access the means to go forward and grow;
Because I do not travel I can charge far less than normal tutors. I give a free first lesson and lessons after that are simply paid for by transferring money to my account. I do not expect payment in advance!!!!
No more sitting in a class with 20 other people in which you don't count as an individual. With one-to-one tuition you are the boss, you are heard, your needs are recognised and respected; you get to talk, you get to practise and your individual problems are seen and targeted quickly;
Enter my on-line learning zone through my drop-box account, where you can find articles, news, exercises, films and comedy to help you both develop and enjoy the English language; my Google Drive and Microsoft Onedrive accounts are also freely, easily and quickly accessible .
Because I work online and my students are also online, you have the flexibility to move and travel and continue with your lessons from different places and cities. This is learning at its most flexible ... 21st century learning has arrived and is simply an email and a click away.
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