Humberto, Mexico
"I took several tutorials which where definitely useful for me.  I´m taking a postgraduate in UK, and I needed to improve my English both for academic purposes and for the day to day.  It was specially helpful that the sessions are entirely personalized, flexible and tailored to my specific needs." 
Thomas, Austria
"Hi I'm Thomas and I'm from Salzburg/Austria. Pele helped me to pass my A-Level and this Autumn I begin to study economics and I'm more self confident when I speak English because of his help. Writing, listening and reading are the three steps to learn a language and Pele does all three steps with his students. Tuition with Pele is always interesting and different. I can recommend tuition with Pele."
Milena, Bonn
"The idea of teaching and learning via SKYPE is fantastic. You can find the time and day when you can speak to Pele. Furthermore, being not on time due to arriving late to a teacher because of a car traffic or other everyday problems cannot exist. However, if you think that sitting not face to face might cause understanding difficulties, I cannot think of any. Pele explains clearly and I concentrate on what he says and do not need to "see" the teacher sitting next to me. I enjoyed working with Pele. He corrected the grammatical mistakes in my essays which I had to hand in in university. What I really like is that he explained why something is wrong and the reason for its improvement. Thank you, Pele."
Manish, Leeds
"Pele has been instrumental in helping me recover some of my verbal personality disadvantages.Some of which included: Spoken English (both formal & informal); reading (Fiction-Literature & non-fiction (critical thinking of current affairs); written English (essay writing techniques). Furthermore, his philosophical background and keen interest in art/culture and history g ives him the unique ability to understand & establish a personal bond with his students from various backgrounds across the globe and helps students to look at life in a wider perspective . I've personally experienced an enhanced level of confidence in my daily behaviour within 3 months and more importantly the sessions have been fun and full of learning experience.''
Aga, Surrey
"At first I was sceptical about online tuition, but because the initial lesson was free, I thought it was worth a try. I soon realised I learned much more on a one-to-one basis than I had on an ESOL course. Pele is very patient and doesn't mind repeating and explaining my many questions. The tuition via Skype is relaxing because you are learning at your own speed and what you want to learn. We have practiced reading poetry, novels and short stories, worked on grammar and pronunciation and the lessons are very good value for money. I feel my English has improved and even my friends have noticed a difference. I would recommend Pele's online English tuition to anyone."
Cornelia, Switzerland
"Pele is a patient teacher who helps me achieve my individual aims. He adapts his lessons to my personal wishes. As I am working during the day, I appreciate the possibility to have lessons in the evening at a flexible time. He offers good lessons at a very reasonable price."
Andrea, Salzburg
"The lessons with Pele were as efficient as no other tuition. I appreciated his flexible timetable because I had to work long every day. Furthermore I liked the way of teaching like explaining the words in English and sending them at the same time through the skype-chat. So you hear and see the unknown words. He coordinated my requests with some texts and news from the internet. All in all it was a very modern and efficient art to improve your English quickly and cheaply. I passed my A-level and that was what I wanted."
Mi Doan, Vietnam
"I found learning English online such convenient and much efficient when you have a right guide. It was a good opportunity to meet Pele online and learn language with him. I like to start my lessons in the morning but do not want to rush myself in the busy streets and punch into other folks; all it started easily with a cup of tea with fresh and enthusiastic energy. Pele is easy going as well, just talk to him what you need to focus on or what you want to achieve in studying. I much appreciated Pele’s patience and very detailed explanation when I have been confused and that make him different with other tutors. So far I am very happy with his method and my choice."
Andreas, Germany
"I have been wondering how can I practice and improve my English without going abroad or to attend some inefficient and mostly overpriced language courses. So I was lucky enough to have come across Pele's web site. Because of simultaneous speaking and writing the Skype tuition hardly differ from a real one except of being more flexible, more comfortable, more time saving and cheaper. Furthermore, I have found in Pele not only a qualified English teacher but also a very interesting and kind discussion partner - and this is a great rarity!"
Patricia, Madrid, Spain
" I have taken classes with Pele for several months now, and I am extremely satisfied. He has helped me to catch up on the English that I had lost after not working on it for several years. He has also help me prepare for interviews and presentations. He makes classes versatile and easy going, as he offers the possibility of doing grammar exercises or just work on conversation. Another important thing is how adaptive he is with class schedules, something to be grateful with the hectic life style we all have nowadays. Thanks so much Pele, I am planning on being your student for as long as possible!"
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