About me
About me
My name is Pele Sahota.
I am a 39 year old graduate of Philosophy (Uni. Aberdeen) and Hindi (School of Oriental and African Studies, Uni. London). I am TEFL trained, and love speaking about language (and almost anything else).
I live in Aberdeen, Scotland, although I was born in the West Midlands, England. My accent is a very clear and typically English one with which you should have no problem.
My teaching method was very much learned in India, during my final years of language study there, where I learned from the teachers there, that language teaching and instruction is a very personal and rich experience, needing close contact, conversation and close focus on vocabulary, grammar, patience from the teacher, who must also motivate and enthuse the student. Traditional barriers between student and teacher need to be broken down, and relaxed conversation optimised. My philosophy of learning is very much based of giving the student a very rich and impersonal learning situation in which my love of language and teaching, becomes their love of English and learning it.
Flexibility to suit the complexities of your life and schedule;
I am my own boss;
I offer a very human and student centered service in which you are listened to and your needs understood.

I am fascinated by song, and language in song. I am busy writing pages about 'taboo in song'
I am also a traveler, busy exploring Europe and with the hope of one day writing about 'the philosophy of travel'.
If you would like any extra information about me then feel free to visit my other web-pages:
Dead Sea Works