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Emergency ONLINE English Services for your urgent needs

Proof Reading of Theses, Essays and Reports
If you need reports and documents checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation or style, I offer a super quick service. Simply email me, send me your document or sample and how quickly you need the document, and I'll send you a super quick estimate of the cost. Easy.
Help with CVs and Application Forms for jobs
If you have job application forms, CVS, resumes or covering letters that need to be checked, please send them and let's look at them. If you are going to have interviews in English, we can simulate and practise interviews also. If you have an important chance to get the dream job, then go prepared!
Business English for professionals also offered for help with reports
For those whose English is already developed, I have a large stock of materials and resources for those who prefer to focus solely on business English and the vocabulary, verbs, grammar and small talk associated with business, finance, marketing, or any other field of expertise. I have materials for Engineers, Caterers, Estate Agents, Law, Telecommunications or Medicine.
Groups Lessons
Groups lessons are also given to students who prefer to work in small groups. This is only advisable if group members are of a similar ability and level. Members can be in different locations or in the same location. This can be a good option for more advanced people who would prefer a more interactive and discursive situation.
Translation services are also offered for those requiring them
I have a network of skilled, well trained and reliable people who can translate from also any language into English or from English into any language. I can connect to you translators very quickly and you can agree on a price.
Academic English for advanced students and lecturers
Many academics find themselves in the situation in which they have to keep their speaking levels fluent and up to scratch as part of their professional lives. This can include fluency in small talk, fluency in academic parlance, advanced skills in selected areas of life and occasional grammar practise so as not to forget basic and fundamental aspects of the language.
Games online as a way of learning extra words
I also offer online game playing options in English for those who want to try playing games online as a way of learning extra words in an alternative way. Online chess (using Chess by Post) and scrabble (using Words with friends); online Monopoly could be very useful for people who are interested in business English. Online Risk and many other options are available and informed suggestions are always welcome. Remember, the primary point of playing these game is to improve language skills, not to have fun, so players are encouraged to talk about words and language. These games are also not intended as replacements for lessons but as tools to be used alongside classes. Please tell me if you are interested in game playing as an extra tool alongside lessons.


Humberto from Mexico
"I took several tutorials which where definitely useful for me. I´m taking a postgraduate in UK, and I needed to improve my English both for academic purposes and for the day to day. It was specially helpful that the sessions are entirely personalized, flexible and tailored to my specific needs."
Humberto (Mexico)
If you need online help with English, please contact me and we can talk on Skype and improve your English in the fastest and most efficient way possible.
Pele Sahota

Who am I?

I am a 43 year old graduate of Philosophy (Uni. Aberdeen) and Hindi (School of Oriental and African Studies, Uni. London).
I am TEFL trained, and love speaking about language (and almost anything else).
I live in Aberdeen, Scotland, although I was born in the West Midlands, England.  My accent is a very clear and typically English one with which you should have no problem.
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